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We never knew our visit to Colombo could be so exciting.It was after our visit that we got to know that Colombo is popularly known for its temples and monuments. These places are praiseworthy because of the minor details they have and a strong touch of nature. Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of them. It … Continue reading "Colombo 2019 – Commercial Capital Of Sri Lanka"

Hasan and I got to visit our uncle who lives in London. What a fun trip! Our uncle is a cancer specialist who is busy, but he took time to show us the town. We saw many buildings and places from movies and learned some new things I didn’t expect. The London Tower is the … Continue reading “London- In the Heart of the City”

Tanzania is a country that many people don’t think about. Did you know that the highest mountain in Africa is Mt Kilimanjaro? It’s in NE Tanzania. The country is south of Kenya and Uganda and right next to the Indian Ocean. We learned that two lakes on the border of Tanzania, Lake Malawi and Lake … Continue reading “Tanzania- My Safari Experience”

There seems to be an increasing number of ways to brew coffee, with a new one being invented every other day. So which way is the best way? Everyone tastes things differently. So, to find your best cup of coffee, your best bet is to experiment. Play around with ingredients, brewing methods, and flavors to … Continue reading “How To Make Yemeni Coffee”

Hello from Pakistan! My brother Hasan and I have so many places we still want to see, but this time we were surprised at how beautiful the country of Pakistan is. Ancient cities, beautiful trees, buildings and plants, and lots of very friendly people made this trip interesting and fun. Pakistan used to be part … Continue reading “Pakistan – Geological Museum”

Many people ask my brother, Hussein, and I why we would go to Iraq when it has so much war and political instability. We are often told how unsafe it is to travel, but there are many areas that are much safer to go to. You need to know where to go and have trustworthy … Continue reading “Iraq- Hospitable People and Historic Cities”

Aloha to you all! This is Hasan (with Hussain) speaking to you about our super fun and interesting trip to the big island of Hawaii. Of course, you know the main reason we had to come to this American state is because it’s the only place in the world where they grow and process the … Continue reading “Hawaii – Kuna Coffee from Big Island”

My brother Hussain and I got to go to a very special hotel called the Atlantis. It’s in Dubai, which is the largest city in the Unites Arab Emirates. This country is east of Saudi Arabia. Dubai and the hotel are on the tip of land surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Water and desert together. … Continue reading “Dubai-Trip to Atlantis”

Hello again from Hussain! When I hear about Egypt, I don’t think about it being in Africa. When we travel this much we start to figure out how these places are connected. Now I know that Egypt is in northern Africa, south of India and the Arab countries. What I always think about when I … Continue reading “Egypt – Pyramids”

Hello! I am Hussain, sending you greetings from Mumbai, India. My older brother Hassan and I have been travelling to many places, and I wanted to tell you about our time in Mumbai. I am told it is the largest city in India. They speak so many languages in this city. We often need interpreters. … Continue reading “Mumbai – A Multi Culture City”


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