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Yemen Coffee

Closing an Eight-Thousand, Five-Hundred Mile Gap

A Shrub, A Bean, and Two Brothers in Houston.

Combine a sense of charity with the knowledge that millions of people in Yemen are suffering under the weight of narcotic addiction and civil war and what do you get? You get fresh and original entrepreneurial ideas for helping both the people of Yemen and the country itself. And, at the same time, you get a business plan that launched the Al-Aqeeq.

Mocha Yemeni
Mocha Yemeni

Single Origin: Coffee purchased from traders in multiple markets in the form of dried coffee cherries.

Al-Aqeeq - Ameena Darshal
Al-Aqeeq - Ameena Darshal

Mono Region: Coffee purchased from traders in Haraaz in the form of dried coffee cherries.

Haraaz Fair Value
Haraaz Fairvalue

Coffee purchased directly from farmers in Haraaz in the form of dried coffee cherries.

Yemen Coffee Online

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Helping Yemeni Farmers

The Gourmet Yemeni coffee is known as one of the richest and most highly prized coffees in the world

The genesis of this concept began with the mid-eastern country of Yemen. Located 8500 miles from Houston Texas USA, it is one of the poorest countries in both the Middle-East and the world. The country has been devastated by both civil war and the widespread use of a narcotic derived from a large shrub called the Khat shrub. The shrub’s narcotic, cathinone, a Schedule 1 psychoactive drug according to the US Controlled Substance Act, is produced by the plant.


Why Whole Bean Coffee?

If you want to get the most flavorful coffee possible, we recommend buying your beans whole.

Wondering how we will do it?

After visiting the country and seeing, first hand, the devastation brought about by war and narcotics, two Houston teens, brothers Hasan and Hussain Rangwala, wanted to find a way to help the people of Yemen rise from poverty and addiction. They developed the idea of selling high-quality Yemeni coffee in the US.
The excellent Yemeni coffee is known as one of the richest and most highly prized coffees in the world.

Are You A Retailer

Interested In Our Coffee. We are happy to talk with the Retailer and give specific rights to sell our products. Our item is unique and we have our channels so do not miss this chance and get in touch with us.

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At Al-Aqeeq, we strive to bring new experience and knowledge to coffee, pushing our skills further, to provide the best coffee to customers, restaurants, cafe’s, and businesses around the country.


Al-Aqeeq Yemen Coffee Online

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