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History of Yemen – All you need to know!

The Yemen civilization dated back 3000 years ago. The country exists in Western Asia, situated on the south end of the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, it shares a boundary with the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The country has Saudi Arabia to its north and Oman to the east.
All of them influenced the history of Yemen, its culture, and population hugely by its strategic location. However, one thing that makes the country stand above the rest is its unique culture, evident from its architecture.
However, in the prehistoric era, some states dominated the area. Hence, today, they are known as the country that controlled the supply of significant supplies.
We bet you don’t know more than the above info.
The blog list down some facts about the history of Yemen, lined up as follows:

History of Yemen:

The history of Yemen dates back from 1200BCE- 650BCE and 750BCE-115BCE alongside Minaean and Sabaean Kingdoms. During this period, the population of the country was centered on trade. However, in the first century, Yemen was attacked by Romans, afterward Persia, and lastly, Ethiopia attacked the country in the 6th century.
The country converted to Islam in 628 CE. However, it was invaded again by the dynasty of Rassite, which is a significant part of the Zaidi sector. Until the 1960s, they ruled the country and remained influential throughout; just like us, you also want to know facts about Yemen’s history.
Nevertheless, in the present day, after following the civil war, radical groups originated in the country. In turn, the instability has further heightened.

Government of Yemen:

The government in the country is a republic based alongside a bicameral legislative body. It includes members from the House of Representatives and Shura Council. In addition, the executive branch provides chief of the state known as president, and the head of government as prime minister.

The economy of Yemen:

If you are aware of the history of Yemen, you must be mindful of the civil war and its aftermath. The economy of Yemen has declined over the years. The oil prices reduced significantly, which was the backbone of the economy.
The country struggles to boost up the economy. But it is not backing down anytime soon. Besides crude oil production, it now exports other crucial products, including cement, ship repairing equipment, and other food processing items.
However, one thing that significantly elevates the graph of the economy of Yemen has to be its famous Yemen coffee.

What is special about Yemen’s coffee?

Yemen’s coffee is considered one of the best coffee on the planet. It passes through the development process delicately.
Yemen’s coffee consists of a distinct flavor and aroma from the rest. It carries notes of chocolate, cardamom, tobacco, and cinnamon. The unique taste of its coffee drives everyone’s attention, turning everyone’s mood pleasant.
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