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Caffé mocha – The facts about it

Caffé mocha, or Yemen coffee, or Yemini coffee are all the same! The coffee is oldest, earthy complex, and one of the praised coffee on the planet. It is known as the mocha coffee since usually found the beans near the city, known as ‘Mocha.’

The Yemini coffee includes a unique taste. Further, you are missing big if you haven’t tried it and don’t know how to make a mocha.

Besides, it is quite a shame if you don’t know the facts about Yemini coffee – which is everyone’s favorite once they drink it!
Here are quite a few facts about Yemini coffee, which every coffee lover must know! The points listed below are:

Origination of Caffé mocha:

Yemini coffee was initially being called Mocha coffee. It was because originally, found caffé mocha recipe beans near the city, known as Mocha. The town contributed significantly to making Yemen famous for coffee. Further, it was the essential point of coffee export in the country.

Mocha coffee is the kind of coffee that blends chocolate. It is a trendy drink, and people are crazy about it.

Types of Caffé mocha available:

Here is a rundown of the three best flavors of coffee found in Yemen. The types known for their taste are:

AL Mokha:

You might have heard about the name ‘AL Mokha.’ It is the traditional taste and first-ever coffee introduced in the world. Its dark roast in color, obtain full-body, and creamy. It includes chocolate notes, popped up as you drink it.

It is an authentic coffee experience once you know how to make a mocha. Plus, it would be best if you tried it as a coffee lover.

Yemen light roast:

The Yemen light roast shares similarity with AL Mokha. The beans are supplied as the same brand. Therefore, you are still supporting local farmers and the struggling economy at the end of the day.

But, the kind is for people who like light roast more. However, this mocha recipe is more on the creamier side while remaining strong. Plus, you get to skip the bitter taste.

You can go for this one when you struggle to wake up for work. It includes caffeine in high quantity and offers an intense punch when you are tired and sleepy. All in all, it saves you from getting late to work!

Green unroasted mocha java style:

As the name suggests, this coffee type requires you to roast it yourself accordingly. The blend seized 400 years to touch perfection. Moreover, the process is still on the go.

The taste includes notes of citrus, chocolate, tobacco, and some of the hazelnut. The beans offer few varieties, and you can go for experimentation to match your taste. The coffee taste also depends on the extent of your roast too.

Now that you know facts about caffé Mocha, will you try them? Or will you go for any of the bean types mentioned above?

We love all of the above-mentioned types, but our favorite has to be the original mocha coffee.

Until then, we’ll brew!

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