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Finest Coffee

Al-Aqeeq Coffee

Whole Bean, Medium Roasted

100% Natural, Sun Dried, and Hand Picked

For hundreds of years, the entire world has kept a secret, and it’s time we let you in on it. We’re talking about Yemeni coffee; absolutely the finest coffee in the world. You see, many people have never heard of Yemeni coffee and even fewer have tried it. We’re out to change that, and we can do it when you try a bag of our excellent Yemeni mountain grown whole-bean coffee.

Set aside the rich aromatic flavors that rise when you brew a cup of coffee made from these rare beans. They’ve been slow-ripened in the rich, fertile mountain highlands of Yemen, high in the cool, misty atmosphere that is perfect for coffee farming. In this ideal climate, these beans absorb the flavors and abundant sugars from the fertile soils. The rich fruity aroma of the coffee brewing in the morning, or anytime, is the first thing you’ll notice. Then, there are the wonderfully warm, nutty flavors your palate experiences with the warmth of your first sip. Next, sit back and enjoy the moment.

But, set all this aside for an instant and consider the rich history of Yemeni coffee. Perhaps one of the earliest growers of coffee in the world, Yemen is thought to have commercially produced coffee for over 1200 years. In fact, Yemen may have been the birthplace of coffee as a beverage and as a food crop. While Ethiopia also claims this title, the actual origins of coffee growing and production is lost in history. The close trading relationship between Ethiopia and Yemen dates back thousands of years, and it is safe to say that Yemen became one of the first exporters of coffee in the world from the port city of Mokha. This port, later used by the Dutch East India Company as an intermediate point between Ethiopia and India, became the source-point of Yemeni coffee to the world. Though rare, this valuable coffee eventually spread throughout Indonesia and Europe. Ultimately, the coffee found its way farther west to Central America and beyond.

Today, Yemeni coffee is enjoyed across much of the world. However, because it is rare, you won’t find it in fast food chains, drive-through coffee shops, or even in many upscale restaurants. To enjoy the full, rich flavors of this coffee, you have to search it out as you might a fine wine. Now, Al-Aqeeq makes this unique culinary specialty available by way of this website.

We now have arrangements to import this product directly from the cool, moist, terraced farms of the Yemeni highlands. We purchase only hand-picked, sun-dried, and medium roasted whole beans, so you know you are getting 100% authentic Yemeni coffee without fillers or substitutes. Then we package these beans in convenient sizes to suit every customer.

You owe it to yourself to learn the secret of the coffee of Yemen. You’ll be delighted in the rich, full flavor and aroma from the first moment you open the package to your last cup. Try one package and, we believe, you’ll be back for more. Then, pass this coffee secret on to your neighbors and friends. It’s a secret too good to keep under wraps.

And, while you’re enjoying your cup of coffee, you can sit back and reflect on the good you’re doing with every purchase. We believe we have created a win-win arrangement. You get to enjoy the rich flavors of Yemeni coffee, while your purchase helps Yemeni farmers economically. As demand for their coffee grows, these farmers are committed to replacing the narcotic producing Khat shrubs with the more profitable and productive Yemeni coffee plants. Every purchase you make helps lifts the Yemeni people out of narcotic addiction and places them on the path to economic well-being. Join us today in this meaningful effort.

Interested in making a contribution?

Click on the link here to see how you can participate directly in helping the people of Yemen.
Their situation is dire, and any support you can afford is much appreciated.


Al-Aqeeq Yemen Coffee Online

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