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Trip to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

My trip to Lake Tahoe was unforgettable. During Thanksgiving break, 2021, my family and I planned a trip to explore California and Las Vegas by car. This long road trip was super fun as we stopped at many places along the way and created memories that would last forever. My favorite place on this trip was definitely Lake Tahoe.

Located in California, Lake Tahoe is home to beautiful mountains, small cabin villages, and crystal clear water. After a very long road trip, Lake Tahoe was definitely the best place to begin our journey. It began late at night when we stopped at a high-end resort with great views of the mountains right in front of the beautiful lake. It was around 10:00 so we decided to walk around and explore the town as the Christmas season had begun and the town was decorated with ornaments, wreaths, and beautiful color-changing lights. We stopped by a local restaurant to grab some warm soup to heat ourselves from the pounds of snow that had fallen onto us.

The night drifted by and our day in lake Tahoe had soon risen. At 6 am my family and I headed to the hotel lobby for some of the best pancakes in town. Fluffy and sweet, these pancakes fueled us for the adventure that was to come. Our first activity of the day was cable car riding. We headed to the small village of Heavenly, where he had some coffee as we waited for the cable cars to run through the maintenance check. Once we got the green light, we hopped into the cable car and ascended towards Mount Heavenly. The view from the cable car was incredible! From the highest point, we could see the beautiful turquoise lake, surrounded by large mountains, covered in sparkly white snow. At the top, my family and I went into the cabin to check out the food court. Inside, we were told that without proof of vaccination, you’re not allowed inside. This was complete nonsense as although we were fully vaccinated, we had no idea we would need to bring our vaccination cards with us. However, thankfully I had a picture of my brother’s vaccination card on my phone, therefore he was able to enter the food court and bring back delicious food for us to enjoy while looking at the beautiful scenery. Tomato soup and vegetable chili definitely tastes better when you’re thousands of feet above sea level.

After spending the rest of our afternoon walking through the trails and throwing snowballs at each other, we made our way to the cable cars and rode to the bottom of the mountain. To end off our trip, my family and I drove around the lake admiring its natural beauty and watching the sunset. Lake Tahoe will forever be remembered as a town with kind people, a great landscape, and an amazing atmosphere. I would totally rate Lake Tahoe as one of North America’s Best vacation spots! No matter what time of year you visit, Lake Tahoe has activities to keep you amused year-round!

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