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Nairobi – My Safari Experience

Nairobi is the biggest city in Kenya, on the eastern coast of Africa on the equator. While visiting there, we didn’t always need interpreters. The two main languages everybody there spoke was English or Swahili. They speak English because Kenya used to be part of the British Empire.

There is a lot of safari land outside Nairobi. They call that open land the Savanna. Guides took people around to see animals in Jeeps and air-conditioned minivans. The people who wanted to hunt had to stay out of the Nairobi National Park. There are many kinds of animals in that park. They are used to seeing humans and don’t stay that far away when you drive near.

Things I learned on safari:

  1. Impalas are big enough to crush you but they have tiny feet.
  2. Nairobi is at higher elevation so it gets cool in the morning. We got up very early to go with a jeepload and they sent me back to get my jacket. I didn’t believe I would need it, but it was very chilly out on the savanna, especially before the sun got high. They said to wear layers.
  3. Zebras like to cross the road in front of you in big herds.
  4. When Rhinos cross the road in front of you, they move slowly, watch you and take their time. Two rhinos crossing our path held us up longer than the Zebra herd. Never shout at or disturb the rhinos.
  5. You can see the city and apartment buildings in the distance while watching wild animals on the Savanna. It’s weird.
  6. Ostriches aren’t afraid of people. They aren’t friendly, either.

That’s it for now!

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