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Egypt – Pyramids

Hello again from Hussain!

When I hear about Egypt, I don’t think about it being in Africa. When we travel this much we start to figure out how these places are connected. Now I know that Egypt is in northern Africa, south of India and the Arab countries.

What I always think about when I hear “Egypt” is the Pyramids! There are over 100 pyramids of many sizes in many parts of Egypt. The ones we see pictures of and the ones I always think of are the famous Pyramids of Giza which are near Cairo. They are also the biggest ones. Maybe that’s why they are famous. We wanted to see them very much, and when you are there, it’s weird to think about how old the place that you are in is. It was hot and dusty there. We had to make sure we didn’t get too much sun.

We could see the pyramids from the town miles away. They looked like mountains. Many people traveled from the town to the pyramid area by camels and horses. When you get close, you see how huge the stones they built with are. You can go inside of the pyramids, too, up and down some very skinny stairways. There’s nothing inside. They took all the artifacts and mummies to museums and it’s very dark in the passages.

The Sphinx is nearby and isn’t as big as the pyramids, but they told us it was the biggest sculpture in the world. It’s a good place to take many photos.

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