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How To Grind Coffee Beans Properly

It is no secret that some of the best coffee beans in the world come from Yemen, and growing global coffee trends are proving so daily. As caffein crazed hipsters and true Mocha fans alike flock to coffee shops in search of this treat, they may be left disappointed. Although more and more cafes around the world are catching on to the trend, there are still few in comparison which have chosen to take a leap, make the switch, and invest in the Yemeni variety. Now comes the true hero, the barista with the best taste, the one who makes exactly what you want every time- you!

Thanks to the internet, it is easier now than ever to get the rich beans you desire and make that perfect cup whenever feels right. What’s the secret behind brewing a great cup of coffee, you ask? It all starts with choosing the right beans, and knowing how to grind them properly. As it becomes easier to attain these Yemeni beans, it becomes more essential to know exactly how to make a cup you’re going to love.

There are two main classes of coffee beans; brown, which are roasted, and green, which are not. Though there are several differences between the two, including taste, aroma, and benefits, they are the same in that both variations require some grinding in order to brew them in accordance with common practices. It is possible to brew them whole, but we’ll stick to this more traditional method for now.

Similarly to the brown coffee beans you may be accustomed to, green beans need to be ground into a powder in order to be brewed properly. However, not so similarly, the grinding process does vary slightly. As they are not roasted, green coffee beans are tougher and somewhat more difficult to grind, therefore you will need a machine with some power behind it. There are a number of companies which make coffee grinders, but it is not necessary to have one of these specifically. Typically something you already have in your arsenal of kitchen appliances will work just fine.

Whether you choose a blender, food processor, or something else of the like, make sure the blades are strong enough to grind down these tough beans. Keep in mind that if you want a finer grind, it may take some time as well. The grind size you need will depend on your chosen brewing method (see chart below).

Half the battle of brewing coffee, and great coffee at that, is the grinding process. The wrong grind size can truly affect the flavors and aromas of each cup. It is best to integrate the grinding process into your brewing procedures. This way you are sure to get the freshest, most delicious cup every time. If you overdo it you can always store the grinds in an air-tight container, but try to grind just enough beans for the amount you intend to brew.

Follow these steps, and you will be well on your way to brewing a great cup of coffee from our robust Yemeni beans.

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