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If you’re lucky enough to have tasted coffee hailing from Yemen, you understand what all the buzz is about recently. There’s nothing quite like a fresh brewed cup of coffee, especially coffee from Yemen. It’s bold aroma and robust flavors send you on a journey each time you take a sip, and keep you wondering … Continue reading “The Origins of Modern Coffee”

Since it’s the Holiday Season, Hussain and I wanted to tell you about a trip we took to Alaska a few years ago. On the trip, we started out in Anchorage and drove to Denali. Anchorage is a pretty big city (for Alaska) in the middle of the southern part of the state near the … Continue reading “Alaska- Going to Anchorage, Denali and the North Pole”

Each morning I make my pot of coffee and pour it from the full French press into my awaiting mug. I drink it black, savoring the rich, deep flavors and appreciating every bit of caffeine more with every sip I take. Every now and then on the weekends, however, I crave a beautifully crafted latte … Continue reading “Make A Moka Latte At Home Without A Machine”


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