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We never knew our visit to Colombo could be so exciting.It was after our visit that we got to know that Colombo is popularly known for its temples and monuments. These places are praiseworthy because of the minor details they have and a strong touch of nature. Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of them. It … Continue reading "Colombo 2019 – Commercial Capital Of Sri Lanka"

If you’re lucky enough to have tasted coffee hailing from Yemen, you understand what all the buzz is about recently. There’s nothing quite like a fresh brewed cup of coffee, especially coffee from Yemen. It’s bold aroma and robust flavors send you on a journey each time you take a sip, and keep you wondering … Continue reading “The Origins of Modern Coffee”

Since it’s the Holiday Season, Hussain and I wanted to tell you about a trip we took to Alaska a few years ago. On the trip, we started out in Anchorage and drove to Denali. Anchorage is a pretty big city (for Alaska) in the middle of the southern part of the state near the … Continue reading “Alaska- Going to Anchorage, Denali and the North Pole”

Each morning I make my pot of coffee and pour it from the full French press into my awaiting mug. I drink it black, savoring the rich, deep flavors and appreciating every bit of caffeine more with every sip I take. Every now and then on the weekends, however, I crave a beautifully crafted latte … Continue reading “Make A Moka Latte At Home Without A Machine”


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