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Al-Aqeeq – Ameena Darshal


Al-Aqeeq - Ameena Darshal


Mono Region: Coffee purchased from traders in Haraaz in the form of dried coffee cherries.

Whole Bean – Medium Dark City Roasted

100% Natural, Sun Dried & Hand Picked

1 Bag is 125 g/4.4 oz

Get 10% Off on buying 5 Bags

$24.99 Pre-Order Now

Al-Aqeeq - Ameena Darshal

Facts About Al-Aqeeq - Ameena Darshal

Immerse yourself in a coffee experience where your palate and principles are equally celebrated, crafted meticulously by a distinguished women-led farm in Yemen. Here, your choice to indulge doesn’t just reward you with low-acidity, superbly fresh, and exquisitely flavorful coffee. It actively benefits your well-being and stands as a vote for social change and ethical consumerism. By choosing our coffee, you’re directly bolstering women who are making waves in a traditionally male-dominated sector, ensuring they continue to break barriers and redefine standards. Your purchase is a pledge to quality, sustainability, and empowerment, guaranteeing that your coffee moments are not only delectable but also a contribution towards a more equitable, conscious coffee industry, bringing meaningful impact with every sip. So, elevate your coffee ritual with us, where splendid taste meets potent impact.


Al-Aqeeq Yemen Coffee Online