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Al-Aqeeq Whole Bean – Medium Roasted

Al-Aqeeq Whole Bean - Medium Dark Roasted

100% Natural, Sun Dried & Hand Picked

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1 Bag is 350 g/12 oz

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The Yemeni Coffee is not your average cup of Joe. It is the Rolls Royce of cars and Therefore the audience that Al-Aqeeq is catering will not be the ones that are looking for economies of scale. In fact, it will be those masses that we call die-hard authentic coffee drinkers. That understand the value of an all natural hand picked cherry that is medium roasted to perfection and is waiting to be burr grounded right before being consumed.

Approximately 400 million cups of coffee are consumed each day nationwide. This coffee is for the ones that look beyond the cost and would appreciate the effort that is being put in crafting this fine bean from soil to their cup.

Ground coffee may be cheaper than beans, however, it loses its aroma and flavors. And instant coffee is a brewed and dried version of coffee that will instantly dissolve in water, which results in the coffee having less caffeine and inferior flavor.

$19.99 Add to cart

Coffee is now available for Immediate Nationwide Shipping.


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